RERCOR (resources on rare diseases) is a portal of multilingual language resources in the field of biomedicine. It covers a wide range of diseases which are seeking increased visibility and to be given higher priority within public health care policies. Namely, rare diseases (RD) also referred to as orphan diseases.

The aim of RERCOR is to provide a set of multilingual tools which allow for a better knowledge of linguistic usage, especially terminology and collocations, within this medical subdomain. The significant number of RDs (more than 6000) and their varied consequences bring together a multitude of medical specialties (neurology, rehabilitation, trauma, surgery, cardiology, pneumology, anesthesiology, ophthalmology...) and a wide range of other areas related to healthcare in the broadest sense of the word (psychology, hygiene, dietetics, accessibility, patients’ quality of life...).

Given the multidisciplinary nature of this healthcare subdomain, the resources developed by our team should prove valuable to those translating, reviewing, writing and analyzing texts from the field of biomedicine and other related domains. The portal is intended for translators, interpreters and scientific writers (professionals or trainees) along with researchers and teachers in these fields.

RERCOR consists of:

The portal also includes a prototype writing assistant for texts on RDs.

You will find several video tutorials in the information tab (About) should you require assistance with your searches.

How should I cite RERCOR?

Sánchez Trigo, Elena & Varela Vila, Tamara (Dirs.): RERCOR: Recursos sobre enfermedades raras (version 3.1.2). Universidade de Vigo [Consulted: ]

ISSN: 2659-9058